Du Kabayan Bundle ALL in One Package

Du Home internet is now offering the Kabayan bundle which is specially designed for peoples who have family, relatives, and friends in Philippine. Now they can communicate easily with a fast internet connection in cheap rates.

Nowadays peoples are exploring the world and cultures. Peoples visit countries to countries for tourism where they enjoy their vacations. Peoples also migrate to other countries for their better future and good opportunities. The peoples who migrate or travel for some reason they want to stay in connection with their family members and friends. In some countries, the international calling charges are very high and everyone cannot pay plenty of amount for just a call so peoples prefer internet calls because it is cheap as compare to direct calls using phone service.

In UAE there are very fewer internet services that offer International packages and in that less, one is Du Home Internet. Du Home Internet is the only service that design packages according to customer’s demand. In UAE there is a large number of Philippines nationals are working on different projects and they spend many years far from their families and due to long-distance, the only way of communication left is a phone call or communication through social media.

Du Kabayan Bundle

Kabayan Bundle: All You Need To Know About DU Kabayan Buddle


Kabayan Buddle is the offer to gather you in a community

  • This is the way to stay connected and to be in fun with Du Family.
  • It will make you able to get access to apps and content.
  • Install a good list of friends and family to call, texting and chatting all the time.
  • Simply Dial *143# to join for free!

Further Info:

Stay connected within your crew, all the time as you want!

If your pocket size is tough so, don’t afraid to get connected or to join the Kabayan package. Your Philippines friends and family member’s talking is not so expensive because of this DU Kabayan Bundle.

DU Kabayan offers you facilities call your family and friends in the Philippines and the UAE, enjoy conversations and send emoji, clip-arts and voice messages on your social applications.

Yes, to avail for this super-duper offer get connected in DU Kabayan Tropa in the UAE. Subscribe now, make it free for every day!

To join to the Kabayan Package or Data Bundle, dial *143# for free!

Du Kabayan Bundle Offers:

3 AED (+ 5% VAT) is good enough for a day:

Communicate on Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, and WeChat.

Use Facebook, Dubizzle, Weekly Kabayan News, The Filipino Times, and The Philippine Embassy website for Free!

Along with the all above, 30 minutes and 30 SMS to chat with all Kabayan Bundle subscribers.

5 flexible minutes and SMS to the Philippines and UAE are also free of cost! To join dial *143# and choose option number 1.

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