We provide all in one service with du internet package which you select before connection or you can also change it after having a connection. Watch movies with Du Movies. There are a wide collection of movies on Du movie

Number one trading city in the world or you can also say that the UAE is a trading Hub. Peoples from all over the world visit UAE for company meetings and tourism. They need a medium through which they directly

Du E-life term refers to advanced technology in the internet world. The technology enables the fastest internet connection, HD video streaming and more clear voice on a landline but unfortunately, this is only for UAE. Du is an emerging company

Now life became easy with Du Dongle. A portable device for peoples who travel daily and need broadband service for their business purposes. A portable device with all solutions of the internet. Now every emirate can access the internet from

Du Broadband service is the most common way to access high speed internet. It is offered in different forms, ADSL (Hi Velox for example), fiber optics, radio, cable and satellite. The old dial-up connection is the only non-broadband connection today. Is the

Good customers are assets for a company. Consumers create demand for any product and if a company provide excellent services to its customers so it is an obvious thing the demand ratio will increase. The bond which is between company

Du Home internet is now offering the Kabayan bundle which is specially designed for peoples who have family, relatives, and friends in Philippine. Now they can communicate easily with a fast internet connection in cheap rates. Nowadays peoples are exploring

In 2019 peoples are going with the flow and it is a need of every person a fast internet connection with full coverage in the places where they travel or visit for work purposes or due to any other reason.