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Number one trading city in the world or you can also say that the UAE is a trading Hub. Peoples from all over the world visit UAE for company meetings and tourism. They need a medium through which they directly communicate with their loved ones or friends. In an expensive country, Du landline is only one affordable service that everyone can easily afford.

Apart from international calling the side benefit of Du landline service is that landline calling within UAE is free and without any hidden charges.

Du Landline International calls to 190 destinations.

International Du call packages list
  • Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Calls after the 5th minute will be charged at 1.5 fils per second.
  • No monthly charges, 50 AED just activation fee.
Du international call package

Du International Call Package

Du introduced international call package to give some more relief to its customers who have belongings in other countries. Du International call package offers 1000 minutes calling on 5 selected numbers in 6 different countries.

You will get minutes on a weekly or monthly basis. Below you can check the package details. These 6 countries include Pakistan, India, Philippines, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

Du international Call Package

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