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What is it within us that drives us to observe movies and television shows that are specifically created to feed on our fears? Why can we want to scream whilst we stream?

We’ve given a fast 20-second review for every of those, our favorite fear-feeding Netflix Halloween snacks. You can watch all these movies on Du Netflix in high quality. Du Netflix gives you the ease of watching your favorite movies on the go.

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Final Destination 5

The Final Destination film series features a lot to account for. We can’t get in an elevator without imagining a minimum of five ways we could get decapitated. It’s the rationale we check our Nutri-bullet is unplugged and off a minimum of seven times before we plan to clean it. We still can’t drive behind any lorry on the motorway that’s carrying timber or scaffolding. Nope, lane change many thanks considerably. then there’s the grizzly demise of the careers from the first movie’s reasonably talented cast.

Number five is that the final installment of the saga, and truly received pretty decent reviews (compared to the remainder of the franchise). Watch through spliced fingers because the show’s plucky protagonists plan to combat death itself. Good luck thereupon.

Get Out

This Oscar-winning horror riffs with racial tensions in modern America, it’s a perfectly crafted directorial debut from Jordan Peele (one half comedy duo Key & Peele). The intensity bar gets set sky-high from the onset and continues up an anxiety Everest from there. We’d go as far as saying this is often the simplest all-round horror story thus far this century. Go ahead. Change our mind.

Bird Box

Last year’s post-apocalyptic thriller used the deprivation of sight as its fear joust, The film begins with Malorie Hayes (played by Sandra Bullock), floating down a river during a boat – with two children – all clad in blindfolds, which, if they’re removed, she tells them, they’ll die. Tough love parenting in its purest form. Malorie is trying to guard the youngsters from evil entities, that when checked out, drive you insane. Seeing people change lanes without indicating has an equivalent effect on us tBH. If nothing else it makes a pleasant change to ascertain the people within the horror movie rocking within the fetal position with their eyes closed also as us. Makes us feel less lonely.

The Shining

This film is a thriller genre MVP sandwich. Written by horror godfather Stephen King, directed by the mack daddy of suspense – Stanley Kubrik and starring one among the best character actors to ever grace the silver screen, Jack Nicholson. It’s 144 minutes of nerve-jangling bleakness, a ghost story told with microscopic attention to detail. Arguably unstable man moves family to spooky hotel built on an ancient Native American cemetery, so he can work on his scary novel. Weird stuff starts to happen. REDRUM, twins, blood, room 237. the remainder is cinematic history.

The Conjuring 2

Ready to never sleep again? supported a real story. Or a minimum of kind of. It’s a story woven around reported tales of the ‘Enfield Poltergeist’ in London, England. A pair of young sisters were the topic of an enormous amount of media coverage back in 1979, after claiming they were in touch with a malevolent spiritual entity. Many reports were made from supernatural activity, and whether or not you think these girls were making it all up (*spoiler* they almost definitely were) – the source material laid the framework for one harrowing, award-winning movie.


Clowns and dolls. Both inherently terrifying. Both painted liberally on our collective childhoods. Why parents? Why? Annabelle is a prequel to the primary Conjuring movie and was again ‘based around events reported to be a real story.’ 10-second plot description? Possessed soul-craving porcelain doll, makes life extremely inconvenient for brand spanking new parents.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you’re as ancient as we are, you would possibly remember the first Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina (The Teenage Witch) series. Salem, the acerbic wise-cracking cat – was probably one among the foremost underrated TV characters of the 90s, we highly recommend a fast Google of “Salem cat quotes”. This reboot sees the half-human, half-witch Sabrina balancing two worlds: the quality day to day dramas of teenage life and her family’s legacy, the Church of Night.


If you <3 an honest ghost story, likelihood is that you’ll <3 this series. Real people sit down with friends and family to share chilling true (meh) stories from their past, re-created through frankly terrifying re-enactments. Because who must sleep right?

The Haunting of Hill House

Flashing between past and present, a family confronts haunting memories of their old home and therefore the terrifying events that drove them from it. Strong elements of psychological thriller intermesh seamlessly with classic horror ‘wtf was that?’ moments. It’s a well-written story performed by a robust cast, that sadly leaves little or no room for sarcasm.

The Ritual

A nice little hiking trip within the Swedish wilderness anybody? What could go wrong? This, this is often exactly what could fail which is precisely why you’re making an honest decision by staying home and watching Netflix.

The Babysitter

There’s a reason you ought to always collect references for potential babysitters. Sometimes they exhibit patterns of tardiness, sometimes they need a habit of falling asleep when they’re alleged to be watching the small ones. And sometimes, as demonstrated during this classic horror movie, they’re a part of an evil cult bent enslaving humanity. Interview wisely, parents.

I Am the Beautiful Thing That Lives within the House

Matthew Lillard famously began the principles for surviving a horror movie within the original ‘Scream’ film. You never say “I’ll be right back” and you, attend investigate a weird noise. during this film, a nervous nurse with a fragile disposition finds herself caring for an ailing horror novelist during a house with some appropriately scary secrets and many strange noises.


This movie comes straight from the pen of Mr. Stephen King. A farmer writes a confession confessing to his wife’s murder, but her death is simply the start of this disturbing yarn. Reminds of that story Marty tells about the priest in Seven Psychopaths (which is additionally great, you ought to probably make sure out too).


Not a documentary about the Pier 7 venue. Things aren’t going particularly well for Hollywood A-lister Martin Freeman. He becomes infected with a stubborn case of the zombie plague that’s ‘been going round’ – father to a young infant girl, he must wander the Australian outback, and either find a cure or somebody capable of protecting his daughter before the sniffles become something rather more sinister.

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